Halloween Fun

I don’t know much about Unkle Pigors, but I first saw this music video the other day and now I can’t get the song out of my head.


On Halloween Night we used to love to do things like test drive Mortality.

Here’s how we did it:


Blood Mary

You know that legend about Bloody Mary? You’re supposed to stand in front of a mirror, in the dark ( well, use some candles I mean- duh- if you can’t see what’s going on you’re out of luck ) and chant the name ” Bloody Mary ” three times- then she comes out of the mirror and kills you.

I’m not sure how she does it- though I’m guessing sharp objects are involved.

I think the idea is to get somebody you don’t like to do this- but I could be wrong.

We tried it- doesn’t work

but it was fun.


The Girl At The Side Of the Road

Every Halloween some Dead Prom Queen is supposed to be on some road waiting for somebody to give her a ride home

 From what I understand this story involves a girl who dies in a car accident on her way home from the Prom and somebody will pick her up and drive her home and when they get there they turn to the back seat and she’s gone and her parents come out to tell you her sad story.

We went looking for her too- but we decided if we found her we’d make her go ” Shoulder Tapping ” with us.

Shoulder tapping is what we called it back in the 70’s when you’d hang around in front of the 7-11 and try to get people to buy beer for you- which shows you how smart we were- we always did it in our neighborhood so we were always sober by the end of the night.

And we didn’t see a ghost either.




Thirteen Steps To Hell

We have at least two cemeteries here in Washington with stories about how in one crypt or in one grave there are Thirteen Steps Leading to Hell. The Doorway to the steps is guarded by a Witch who will give you the Second Sight if you sell your Soul to the Devil who is waiting for you at the bottom of the 13 Steps to finalize the deal.

To bad the Sight doesn’t kick in before you get to the Bottom of The 13 Steps.

 Then You’d see clear as day that the Devil takes you to Hell and if your plan was to rule the world with your Powers-  you are so going to be disappointed- toasty- but very disappointed.


Message From The Beyond

Everyone goofs off with a Ouji Board on Halloween.

Everyone knows those things are demonic.

Everyone doesn’t get together three or so  friends, agree on a phone number

as the ‘message’

let their inncoent bystander ( and former ) friends call it

only to let them learn they’re dialing

the intake desk at a local Mental Hospital.

Hey, it’s funny-and like I said you shouldn’t mess with those things…

and on Halloween of all Nights.




To end this  let me remind you: 

Life is short-

Enjoy Halloween and all the

rest of the year too



From Ghoulies And Ghosties…. 

 and long leggety beasties and things that go bump in the night,

Have A Happy Halloween!





Two more days until the big one. The day we take the kids around the neighborhood to collect chocolate for us parents. Holloween is my favorite holiday. Not just for the candy, I love the costumes, too. Even the yards are dressed to kill:

Candy gathering is best done like writing a story, which in turn is like going to a party. Go late, leave early. During the first hour people are rationing. One piece of candy from each house. The visit to goody ratio is not worth it. Kids get tired and want to quit early. It’s better to go during the second hour. People are getting tired of the whole deal, and most people don’t want to be stuck with all that candy. They give it out by the fistful. It’s good sense to have a pillow sack for the overflowing plastic pumkins. Bring a wagon if you have one, but make the kids walk, this is for the candy.

The final step in effective trick-or-treating is critical. Watching the kids’ every move when they get home. They have a tendency to stash the candy in another dimension. While they are at school the next day… It’s razoo time!


I have so many wonderful Halloween Memories…

this is one of them

and it concerns:

Lizzie Borden

Today I read about a Lizzie Borden Halloween Prop that costs THOUSANDS of dollars.

Robot Lizzie swings an Ax up and down.

Sure, whatever.

When I was a kid this family had a Haunted House set up in their basement and the Dad used to dress up like Lizzie and chase people around with an ax and he’d be screaming ” Forty Wacks! Forty Wacks for you all!”

And the entire time he- well, she is doing that, we’d be screaming for Jesus and our Moms and diving under furniture and swinging our plastic pumpkins like around medieval war weapons  and trying to climb out the windows.

I wouldn’t trade that memory for anything-

not even for THOUSANDS of dollars.



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